Curse Breaker Books 4-6 (ebook collection/boxed set)

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Curse Breaker Books 4-6 (ebook collection/boxed set)

Melinda Kucsera
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Curse Breaker Books 4-6 includes three epic fantasy adventures set in an immersive world of intrigue and illegal magic: 

Curse Breaker Falls

Sarn must face down a legendary evil with only a ragtag bunch of reluctant magical constructs at his side. But doubts assail Sarn. He might not be the hero their world needs, and if he becomes that man, he may not be the father his son needs.

In a world where belief powers magic, can Sarn prevail against the dark lord when his doubts undermine his magic?  

Curse Breaker Sundered 

Two conflicting promises bind Sarn, even though a monster’s chasing him and the dark lord wants his soul. He must keep both promises or die trying because those promises won’t let him break them, not even to save the son he adores.

With the mountain falling down around them and no exit in sight, how can Sarn and his son prevail without magic to help them? 

Curse Breaker Hidden

Sarn is their last hope to defeat an ancient monster. But he lost his earth magic, and he doesn’t know how to get it back. Worse still, the monster’s lair is full of magic-stealing rocks. How can Sarn stop the monster and contain those deadly crystals before they kill everyone?

Find out in Curse Breaker Books 4-6.

Scroll up to get it now if you like dragons, found family, monsters of unusual size, enchanted trees, mind-talking creatures, reluctant heroes, warrior angels, demons, forbidden magic, and humor.

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You'll get it as an epub and a mobi file.

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