Relic Hunter (ebook)

Melinda Kucsera
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Some things should just stay lost. When they don’t, it’s Zoya’s job to put them down for good.

But that’s easier said than done when that thing is a magical relic. Too bad that relic is in the hands of a young mage who possesses a power he can barely control. And this particular relic doesn’t need much to kick start a process that just might open a portal to hell—if Zoya doesn’t find and contain it first.

Who will prevail—the relic hunters or the relic they came to contain?

That may depend on who controls the boy who accidentally activated it.  Get Relic Hunters today!

If you're looking for:

√ badass heroines (and villains) with brains, blades, and humor

√ a fantasy adventure filled with side switching, doublecrossing and magical mayhem

  • You'll get it as an epub and a mobi file.

  • You'll get it as an epub and a mobi file.
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Relic Hunter (ebook)

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