Curse Breaker Books 1-3 (audiobook collection/boxed set)

Melinda Kucsera
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Curse Breaker Books 1-3 includes the first three stories of the Curse Breaker Series in one action-packed audiobook. 

Curse Breaker Enchanted

Sarn wants to be like everyone else, not a mage with a forbidden power he can barely control. But that magic comes in handy when he wakes up far from home with only his cloak to protect him from monsters and murderous trees. How will Sarn return home in time and unravel the dark conspiracy that’s destroying it before his son pays the ultimate price? 

Curse Breaker Darkens

Jerlo swore an unbreakable oath to protect Sarn, no matter the cost. When a disembodied voice warns him that a demon is after the mage, he risks his soul, his sanity, and his life to find out the truth, and it’s worse than he ever imagined. How can he save a mage without magic? 

Curse Breaker Faceted

Sarn spies on the men responsible for his best friend’s death with his young son in tow. And those men are hunting for magic-stealing rocks to fuel a zealot’s quest. When their greed leads them into a forbidden cavern, they release an ancient monster, and it’s hungry for a certain mage and his son. Who will survive the dark terror lurking under the mountain?

Curse Breaker Books 1-3 contains the following epic fantasy adventures: Curse Breaker Enchanted, Curse Breaker Darkens, and Curse Breaker Faceted. They star a loving father, his young son, and the people and monsters that dwell in an immersive world of intrigue, illegal magic, and adventure. Get Curse Breaker Books 1-3 now!

***This book has been auto-narrated by Mike, a Google AI voice.***

Listen to Part 1 of Curse Breaker Enchanted to hear a sample of the narration.

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Curse Breaker Books 1-3 (audiobook collection/boxed set)

0 ratings
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